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Mt Amos, a rocky outcrop, juts sharply out from scrubby bushes. White streaks are formed naturally by water running down the rocks over time.

Mt Amos, Freycinet National Park

There isn’t much to specifically describe the track by other than ‘steep rock scramble’, it is marked with some permanent light reflective yellow arrows, and some faded spray painted arrows. Occasionally the arrows suggest that some sections have separate paths for people travelling up, and for people travelling down. It is, otherwise, a fairly lawless place, at least as far as navigation is concerned. There are 3 distinctly difficult sections that will have you questioning every decision you made that brought you to the moment you find yourself in now. These feelings will pass (at least until you have to attempt those same sections in reverse).

We are Sapphire, a Tasmanian sapphire engagement ring made by a local jeweller (with a person attached, mostly) and Sommelier, an amateur wine tragic and part time chauffeur. We are madly in love with Tasmania (and each other), and would love to share our travels, impressions, advice and mistakes with you, so that you can fall in love with Tasmania (and maybe us) too.

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