A punnet of raspberries sits beside a purple pansy
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Raspberry and Rose Fruit Leather

With this one it is best to find a good quality rose water. I define “good quality” as one that uses real roses or “natural rose flavour” rather than rose essence. I find that any amount of rose essence can leave a dish, especially a dehydrated one, tasting of hand soap. A good Indian or Middle Eastern shop will have a selection and be more than willing to have a long chat with you about it.

This is also delicious with orange blossom extract instead of rose water. They are typically right next to each other in all the shops.

sapphire, wearing a red dress, sniffs a large peach coloured rose which is growing along a large trellis
I love the smell and taste of roses and even make rose cordials, syrups, and jams from the highly scented ones in my garden.


1kg Raspberries (fresh or frozen)

1/4 cup sugar (I use either brown or raw, but it doesn’t matter. I sometimes find myself adding more sugar at the end if my raspberries are from frozen and I find brown sugar and raw caster sugar mix in the best)

1/4 cup rose water

2 tsp vanilla powder


Add raspberries, sugar, and vanilla to a roasting dish and roast at a medium temperature until slightly caramelised. It is even okay to let them get a bit of char on them. The goal is to activate the natural sugars in the fruit and eliminate some of the moisture before putting it in the dehydrator. I find it takes at least 30 minutes.

Once the raspberry mixture is roasted to your satisfaction blitz using a stab mixer or food processor.

Strain mixture through a sieve to remove a few of the seeds. This step is optional, but a seed lodged in the teeth while out bush is a certain kind of struggle that I would strongly recommend you take steps to avoid.

Gradually add the rose water, tasting often (you may also need more sugar if your raspberries are as fickle as mine tend to be). Aim for a mild rosey flavour that elevates the berry notes without over powering them.

Spread evenly over dehydrator sheets (I use reusable baking paper, you can just use baking paper). I dry mine at 70⁰c for 10 hours in a Biochef, but your machine may differ. This can also be done in an oven or air fryer in about 4-6 hours at a low temperature. I prefer not to use the air fryer as only small batches can be done at a time and I avoid the oven because the oven in our house is terrible and I do not trust it not to burst into flames.

Tip: If the leather becomes brittle just leave it at room temperature for a few days and it will soften so you can roll it and cut it into strips. Will keep in an air tight container for 12 months.

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