Russel Falls

Mt Field: 3 Falls Walk

Where we went: 3 Falls Walk (Mt Field National Park) Details of walk: grade 2, with sections that are wheelchair accessible. When we went: winter, 2020 Estimated time to complete walk: 2.5 hours Time spent on walk: a very casual 2.5 hours Sommelier and I awoke on Sunday morning with vague hiking ambitions but no… Continue reading Mt Field: 3 Falls Walk


Ile Des Phoques

Where we went: Ile des Phoques Who we went with: East Coast Cruises When we went: Winter 2020 Words cannot accurately communicate how highly I recommend this tour, we had an amazing time. The crew, Barb and Michael made our relaxed, family friendly, half-day tour feel like a lux private charter with homemade snacks, tea,… Continue reading Ile Des Phoques

A black Mercedes in the fog

The Lairg Affair: Road-trips in Scotland

Where we went: 2 week driving tour of Scotland When we went: Summer 2017 We fear that we may have given the impression that travel is easy and nothing ever goes wrong. To celebrate our blog’s second birthday, we would like to set the record straight. Here is the story of our drive from Orkney… Continue reading The Lairg Affair: Road-trips in Scotland


Wellington Park: Wellington Falls via Disappearing Tarn

Where we went: Disappearing Tarn (Kunanyi/Wellington Park) When we went: Mid-winter 2020 Estimated time to complete walk: 6 hours (3 if you only go to the Tarn) Time spent on walk: 6 hours Humans, in general, are obsessed with the weather, and Tasmanians doubly so. It is the great force that connects us all through… Continue reading Wellington Park: Wellington Falls via Disappearing Tarn


Maria Island: Haunted Bay

Where we went: Haunted Bay (Maria Island) When we went: Summer 2020 Estimated time of hike: 8-9hrs Time spent on hike: 10.5 hrs (there was a LONG detour) Haunted Bay – so named because of the sound that the Little Penguins make when they roost in the nearby beaches reverberating of the giant rock faces… Continue reading Maria Island: Haunted Bay


Rocky Cape National Park

Where we went: Tangdimmaa (Rocky Cape National Park) When we went: summer 2020 Estimated time for walk: 8-9hrs Time spent on walk: 8.5 hrs Rocky Cape National Park in the far North-West is a lot like a theme park, and that theme is nature walks. There is a maze of intersecting tracks spread out along… Continue reading Rocky Cape National Park

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Recipe: Vegan-Friendly Chocolate Chip Cookies

Easy Vegan Chocolate-chip cookies Sommelier and I dabble in veganism, and it was during our Vegan Voyage that I decided that I wanted to challenge myself to perfect vegan baking. Chocolate, having originated from the fermented and roasted fruits of the cocoa plant is, mercifully, easily prepared in a vegan manner. As such, it was… Continue reading Recipe: Vegan-Friendly Chocolate Chip Cookies