• Spiced Plum Fruit Leather

    Spiced Plum Fruit Leather

    Summer means stone fruits and stone fruits have no chill. If you’ve found yourself in a fruit glut situation then do not panic. Make fruit leather and carry on. Ingredients 1kg plums (or greengages) 2-3 Tbsp honey Rind and juice of 1 orange (tip: use a potato peeler to peel long sections of rind so…… Read more

  • Recipe: Vegan-Friendly Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Recipe: Vegan-Friendly Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Easy Vegan Chocolate-chip cookies Sommelier and I dabble in veganism, and it was during our Vegan Voyage that I decided that I wanted to challenge myself to perfect vegan baking. Chocolate, having originated from the fermented and roasted fruits of the cocoa plant is, mercifully, easily prepared in a vegan manner. As such, it was…… Read more