Myrtle Gully Falls (Just Sapphire and the smalls)

Where we went: Myrtle Gully Falls When we went: Late Autumn 2022 Estimated time to complete walk: 1 hour (factoring in tiny little toddler legs) Time spent on walk: a little over an hour (they just have such tiny legs!) The Falls, pumping thanks to all the rain. We haven't posted in a long while… Continue reading Myrtle Gully Falls (Just Sapphire and the smalls)

The sign which marks the start of the walk. It reads "highest point on road. 651m annual rain fall. 190cm" The rocky spires that make up the needles are foreboding in the background, cast in shadow.

The Needles (Mt Mueller); Southwest National Park

The Needles is an unsigned, wild walking trail best suited to those with experience. The track is only marked with cairns and plastic ribbon which adds to the sense of wilderness. It is the perfect way to dip your toe in the Southwest National Park and learn what some of the bigger walks might have in store.