Stalactites and Straws in Newdegate Cave

Newdegate Cave: A Claustrophobe’s Journey

A short, guided tour through the stunning Newdegate Cave system; one of the largest dolomoite caves currently accessible to the paying public. Tickets are $24 per adult for a 45 minute tour through stalagmite riddled chambers that weave their way below the surface of the Southern Forests.

A black Mercedes in the fog

The Lairg Affair: Road-trips in Scotland

Where we went: 2 week driving tour of Scotland When we went: Summer 2017 We fear that we may have given the impression that travel is easy and nothing ever goes wrong. To celebrate our blog’s second birthday, we would like to set the record straight. Here is the story of our drive from Orkney… Continue reading The Lairg Affair: Road-trips in Scotland