Montezuma Falls

Where we went: Montezuma Falls, West Coast Tasmania (with the whole Sapphire Clan)When we went: Summer 2023Grade of walk: long 2Proposed time for walk: 3 hoursTime spent walking: 3.5 hours (long lunch) the falls are tall, but there isn't much spray in the drier days of summer, so the rocks below are the prefect picnic… Continue reading Montezuma Falls


Myrtle Gully Falls (Just Sapphire and the smalls)

Where we went: Myrtle Gully Falls When we went: Late Autumn 2022 Estimated time to complete walk: 1 hour (factoring in tiny little toddler legs) Time spent on walk: a little over an hour (they just have such tiny legs!) The Falls, pumping thanks to all the rain. We haven't posted in a long while… Continue reading Myrtle Gully Falls (Just Sapphire and the smalls)

Marriotts Falls are surrounded by lush forests scenery. Fallen trees litter the base, but the waterflow is relatively quiet and steady.

Marriotts Falls (Tyenna)

The falls are a broad sheet standing in a small opening in the forest which forms a brilliant beam of light. It makes a soft sound, rather than a thundering, but the collection of broken trees scattered at the base suggest that she can, occasionally, put on a spectacular show.